Coaching is a concept that comes from the sports world. Most of us are familiar with the role of a coach. They organize the team, plan the practices, run the drills, critiques performance and gives pointers on how to improve. Without the coach, a sports team would just be a bunch of kids playing ball. The coach makes the proceedings more organized and productive.

 The same is true for accountability and recovery coaches. You steer the process by sharing the outcome you’re looking for. Your coach helps you figure out what steps you need to take to reach that outcome, guides you and holds you accountable for your actions. 

 {*Offered as an enhancement to clinical support, a recovery coach does not offer primary treatment for addiction, does not diagnose, and is not associated with any particular method or means of recovery. Coaching does not address the past, does not work to heal trauma, and works to create plans for continued recovery and  to hold clients accountable.} 

Certified Professional Coaching



Choosing a life of recovery is such a personal journey... and not an easy one. Having a coach available to help navigate your recovery plan is so very important. 

Having battled with mental health issues and alcohol dependence, Lori relates with her clients by walking the walk. Sober since 2015, Lori has dedicated her life to recovery advocacy and takes a kind, positive and supportive approach to guiding those seeking a life of recovery.

Whether you are curious about living alcohol free, or are in the throws of recovery, Lori will be by your side every step of the way.



Are you looking for a different, more structured and confident approach to getting things done in life that you really care about?


Whether personal or professional, as your  accountability coach will provide you the strategy, encouragement, and structure you need to press on and achieve your set goals.

When you feel tired or discouraged, you will need a proper support network reminding you that your success matters, your happiness matters and most importantly that YOU matter.